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At Doughnut Peddler, we take pride in providing the freshest doughnuts and pastries to our customers. Our combined bakeries manufacture millions of bakery items every week, and our distribution teams drive enough miles each day to circle the earth to make sure that our products are always fresh and ready to be enjoyed. We believe that our customers deserve the best, and we strive to provide them with the highest quality products.

Baked Fresh and Delivered Daily

Wholesale Doughnut Delivery

Baked Fresh Daily

Goodies We Deliver

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At Doughnut Peddler we strive to produce the highest quality baked goods. We have an exciting and delicious variety of pastries.

Wholesale Donuts& 

Other Baked Goods:

If you're looking to add variety to your bakery case we can help. We produce an assortment of Limited Time Only (LTO) items such as holiday and seasonal baked goods. 

Our assortment of products changes slightly by area. This is due to regional preferences and our bakery capacity in each area. 

Full Service

Fully Guaranteed

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We focus on working efficiently so you can count on consistent margins. We strive to create systems that go above and beyond. 

Inventory Management

We customize all orders 

By-SKU, By-Store and By-Day. We use a proprietary tracking system to ensure proper management of your orders. This system helps keep your location stocked with proper inventory levels. We hope to help maximize your sales.



Pay for What Sells

Plus unlike many wholesale bakers, we guarantee volume-based Gross Profit Margin. You pay only for those products that you sell.



Appealing Display

To increase sales, your daily delivery is organized, fronted and faced. We understand it is important to present baked goods in the most appealing way to your customers. This has proven to help increase sales.



Hands-off Distribution

We control the distribution process so that your manager doesn't have to. They will be free to concentrate on store operations instead.

Expanding Distribution

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We distribute our wholesale donuts and pastries to convenience stores, restaurants, and grocers.


Doughnut Peddler is an efficiently and effectively run operation. We make more than half-a-million convenience store deliveries across the country each year.

We provide daily wholesale and bulk donut delivery to retail outlets.


Our headquarters are in Chandler, Arizona. We also have bakery and distribution centers across the country.  

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