Everything we bake is fresh,
honestly fresh™

Your bakery case deserves a complete 'doughnut shop' assortment of generously sized, fresh-never-frozen doughnuts, delivered nightly based on what sells in your location—so partner with us for guaranteed success.
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Full Service. Fully Guaranteed

Your fresh bakery case will never be the same. Guaranteed.

We make the freshest products every day, and we pair them with fresh programs for you. Here's just a sampling of what you'll get when you partner with Doughnut Peddler in the bakery case. Add a counter rack of fresh packaged BakeFace treats for a sweet combo.

Fully Guaranteed

All Doughnut Peddler product can be part of a fully guaranteed program—pay only for what you sell. And each item sold has a guaranteed gross profit margin. What's not to like about that? We also deliver full bakery racks for larger venues that merchandise themselves.

Honestly Fresh Halo Matters

It is rare that a consumer only purchases a doughnut – they pair with a high-margin drink and usually another item too. Why not make product freshness and generous portion size a differentiator for your business?

By Store, By SKU,
By Day

Individual SKUs are tracked and adjusted daily to what your consumer really wants.  That means maximum sales and growth for you.  With a guaranteed program, we are highly incented to maximize performance for you and minimize returns for us.

One Less Worry

No retail business is flush with extra labor with time to spare. We take ownership of all the ordering, planning and merchandising of the bakery case, so you can collect a guaranteed margin.  We ask for three things in return: keeping the case clean, fronting product periodically as it sells down & partnering in meaningful promotions to maximize velocity—we do the rest.
Core Products

Meet our guaranteed-fresh lineup

If you haven’t noticed, we take a lot of pride in being fresh. We also take pride in having a great variety with generous proportions – no incredible-shrinking-doughnut like you might find at other places. We can provide this because we are local and we sell more. When consumers indulge they really want it to be worth it – the product they want, a good proportion and no surprise of pre-frozen texture and taste that causes them to not come back. We spend more on product and variety and win with our retailers because consumers buy more of what they love.
A selection of Doughnut Peddler rings


Glazed, strawberry, chocolate,
blueberry cake
A selection of Doughnut Peddler filled shells & bars

Filled Shells & Bars

Powdered lemon, Bavarian
crème filled chocolate, strawberry
and more
A selection of Doughnut Peddler specialty baked items


(Famous) fritters,
cinnamon rolls,
pull aparts
A selection of Doughnut Peddler pastries


Turnovers &  Danish
A selection of Doughnut Peddler bites


Multiple flavors doughnut
holes, lemon bites and
other favorites
packed in cups
A selection of Doughnut Peddler seasonal baked items


Holiday favorites and
custom promotions
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Fresh Packaged with BakeFace

We also provide complementary packaged program for you to ensure consumers have a fresh on-the-go alternative:

We've launched the BakeFace lineup of fresh-packaged, generous-sized baked goods—fresh, never frozen, because you can't fake fresh. Check out BakeFace today!
Honestly fresh™ line of baked goods
A full assortment of brownies, brookies, cookies, BIG cookies, and the BIG BakeFace doughnut (seeing is believing, check out Instagram @bigbakeface)
Can also be offered unpackaged as part of bakery case along with doughnuts
Never frozen. Always worth it.
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